What Are The Side Effects Of CBD Oil?- CBD misconceptions!


CBD has so many amazing benefits but the question of what are the side effects of CBD oil is never brought up. Is it really possible for CBD oil to have side effects?

I, myself am a huge advocate for CBD and all that it has to offer, hence the website based around it! Although just like with anything else, nothing is 100% perfect, CBD included.

Before we get into todays article let me make note that personally, I think that the name “side effects” gets a bad reputation (maybe because of the big pharmaceutical companies!) but you have to realize that side effects are listed for caution and doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. If 1 person took CBD out of 500 people and that one person threw up, it is now a possible side effect of CBD.

With that being said, today I will go over some possible side effects of CBD, why they’re considered misconceptions and ways to prevent them!

I will also be including some possible side effects from CBD cream which I will differentiate between the two with the header. Enjoy!

CBD Oil Side Effect- Nausea

So to start, just know that today I’ll be talking about hemp CBD oil. This way we can also eliminate the possible side effects of THC in CBD oil derived from marijuana.what-are-the-side-effects-of-cbd

Now with nausea in this side effect I’m also going to include vomiting as well as diarrhea. This CBD side effect can also be one of the biggest misconceptions!

It has been reported of people feeling feeling nauseous after they take CBD oil, no matter the way they take it (i.e sublingual, in a beverage, etc.). The real reason why people have felt nauseous is not because of the CBD itself but more because of the other ingredients within the CBD oil used to help deliver the CBD into the body or maybe even possible flaws during production.

CBD actually has the ability to help treat stomach issues and even help heal the digestive tract.

Just like with any product, the quality of its production makes a huge difference in how it may effect you! You need to find a reputable company with a quality product. Companies also use certain oils such as hemp oil, grapeseed oil, MCT oil, etc. to help deliver the CBD, if you have a sensitivity to any of these oils you may experience abdominal cramping or symptoms like diarrhea.

If you experience any nausea or vomiting stop take your CBD oil for a few days to take a step back to see if maybe it’s just the product itself and try using a different brand of CBD oil.

Dosage of CBD also makes a huge difference, start off with a smaller dose to know which dosage works best for you!

CBD Oil Side Effect- Sleepiness

CBD oil is great for helping you get to sleep and getting a good nights rest, but can CBD make you too tired?

sleepinessWhen you’re getting ready for bed, you unwind, you try to clear your head and you fall asleep at some point or another. Can you think back to a time though where you had a lot on your mind and couldn’t fall asleep or maybe you had a big test for school the next day so you were stressed and didn’t get enough rest that night?

The thing is, CBD doesn’t directly make you sleepy. It isn’t sleep medication and it isn’t like melatonin.

As we know, CBD is great for helping to relieve us of stress and anxiety and so when we take it and it relieves those things, it helps us to fall asleep by sort of letting us wind down.

When people say they get “too tired” taking CBD, it’s more than likely that they might be taking too much CBD. Just like with the previous side effect, try taking less because less can sometimes mean more. Maybe you don’t need a full dose of CBD and so you’re better off with a half and working your way up!

Taking CBD in the afternoon shouldn’t make you want to fall asleep but like I said just give you a calm feeling and help relieve any stress and anxiety, if you do get too sleepy taking CBD try taking less and if that doesn’t work, talk to your doctor to help further asses why it might be happening!

CBD Cream Side Effect- Skin Irritation

I personally love CBD cream, not only does it help me recover from workouts faster but also seems to help my joints feel healthier.skin-irritation

Some people seem to get a different effect though- skin irritation. Why would CBD be irritating your skin though? We already know that CBD actually has the ability to help keep skin healthy as well as helping to repair it if damaged.

This, again, has to do with more of the quality of the product you have more than the CBD itself. CBD cream has many ingredients in it that may cause irritation. Some of these ingredients are, lidocaine, menthol, and cetyl alcohol. All of these ingredients are able to cause skin irritation and to various levels depending on your sensitivity to these ingredients.

If you start to see or feel skin irritation while using a CBD cream, stop using it for a couple days to see if maybe it’s the product itself and try using a different brand. There have been very, very few reports of CBD irritating the skin but they were again reported using a CBD cream, which could have contributed.

The More The Merrier

I always love to hear peoples thoughts on CBD as they can often contain many misconceptions. Now keep in mind, everything that I have mentioned in this article is an actual possible side effect, it’s just more than likely it isn’t the CBD that’s causing them in most cases.

If you experience any of these side effects while taking a CBD product try taking a step back and not using it for a couple days, if after a couple days you start using the product again or you start using a different brand, ask your doctor as to why it might be happening.

If you have any questions or would love to share your thoughts on some of these CBD side effects please feel more than happy to leave a comment! 🙂


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4 thoughts on “What Are The Side Effects Of CBD Oil?- CBD misconceptions!

  1. Great article about the possible side effects of using CBD oil. I didn’t even know they made a cream and now I want to look into getting some for my husband, since he is an avid rock climber and gym rat so something is always hurting him. Can you recommend a good brand to try? He does have sensitive skin and has issues with eczema plus he gets an allergic reaction on his skin if he uses skin products containing alcohol (the regular kind not the fatty good for your skin alcohols).

    1. CBD cream is amazing for helping to recover from either the gym or from something such as rock climbing! I personally love the two brands HiFi Supplements as well as Herbstrong (both I will be doing a review on). Both have great CBD creams as well as oils! I appreciate your comment! 🙂

  2. Hi Keenan,
    I have been looking into CBD oil recently as an aid with chronic back pain. I was worried about some of the side effects I have read about on other sites. Thanks for helping to dispel some of them. Still on the fence as to whether I will try it.

    1. CBD oil in my opinion would be great to help suppress some of the pain from your chronic back pain. I hope that you at least give it a try! Thank you for your comment!

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