Herbstrong CBD Recovery Cream Review- Finally Pain Free?


I received a lot of positive feedback from my Herbstrong CBD oil review so today will be my Herbstrong CBD recovery cream review!

In my past Herbstrong review I went over a more detailed overlook of Herbstrong as a company overall such as their shipping, packaging and marketing. Although, I won’t be doing that in this review so be sure to go check out my Herbstrong CBD oil review by clicking here!

I hope you guys enjoy my Herbstrong CBD recovery cream review and are able to gain value from it!


Bought From- Herbstrong.com

Price- $65.00

Total Amount- 1000 mg

Dosage- Approx. 20 mg of Full Spectrum CBD Oil per dime-sized amount.

Rate- 9/10

For The Athletes?

As stated in my Herbstrong CBD oil review, Herbstrong markets towards athletes (hence recovery cream). Since CBD has the beautiful ability to greatly reduce inflammation, it makes it an amazing candidate to aid with post workout recovery such as muscle soreness!

Being a Bodybuilder myself as well as a Personal Trainer, I know the importance of recovery after a workout. With that being said, using the Herbstrong CBD recovery cream for post workout recovery has been amazing and herbstrong-cbd-cream-packagingalmost life changing! Now, I must add that this is also the case with most other CBD creams I have also taken in the past but Herbstrong ranks in my top 5!

After using Herbstrongs recovery cream after my workouts my rubbing it in to whichever muscles I worked that day, I have significantly increased and improved my recovery time!

Since it reduces inflammation, I wake up with less soreness which helps me to prepare myself for my next workout more efficiently and with more focus!

Finally Pain Free?

The cream is amazing for helping with post workout soreness but it isn’t all that its good for!

herbstrong-cbd-cream-reviewAfter wrestling for many years during high school and a couple years after, I was left with a torn MCL, a fractured rib at one point and shoulder issues. Although all of them healed, you never really get rid of the pain associated with them or at least it’s very difficult.

While squatting, I consistently found myself with knee pain from my MCL tear and any pushing movement would irritate and inflame my shoulders and back where my rib had fractured.

Rubbing Herbstrongs CBD cream onto my knee, shoulders and back has now allowed me to be pain free! Now It doesn’t necessarily get rid of the pain 100% of the day as later on in the day the effects will wear off. I do feel pain free though for around half of the day if only applied once. (although after consistently using it now for about 3 months even when the effects of the CBD wear off, the pain has still significantly decreased)!

How Does It Compare?

Of course, anything CBD isn’t cheap. Although as far as price goes much like the Herbstrong CBD oil, it is one of the best price for quality CBD creams I believe on the market today!

There are other CBD creams on the market that are a bit higher quality, but for the price Herbstrong offers their products, it’s hard to beat.

If you’re someone who hasn’t tried CBD yet because of how expensive it can be, I recommend trying Herbstrongs CBD cream, not only will you get a high quality CBD cream but for an amazing price (especially when using a code like ISCBDTHECURE which takes an additional 10% off!)

My Final Thoughts

Herbstrong is fairly new to the game, and as stated in my previous Herbstrong post, they lack third-party lab herbstrong-cbd-recovery-creamreports on their website which is always something to keep in mind! They do however provide it upon request.

I’ve used many CBD creams and Herbstrong is able to hold its ground when it comes to its competition. Herbstrongs CBD cream has helped me recover from workouts faster and has greatly helped my knee and shoulder pain!

The worst thing you can do is to neglect your body, your health is your wealth so if you’d lie to invest in your health today, check out Herbstrongs CBD cream!

Herbstrong CBD Cream Pros

  • Utilizes full-spectrum hemp oil
  • Fast shipping
  • Great value for money
  • Notice benefits instantly

Herbstrong CBD Cream Cons

  • Lack of third-party lab reports on website
  • Non-scented (would like to see one scented with natural fragrances)

Click Here to Try Herbstrong CBD Cream And Invest In Your Health Now!

(You can also use code- ISCBDTHECURE to get 10% off)

If you have any questions or would just love to share your thoughts on this product, please feel more than happy to leave a comment!


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6 thoughts on “Herbstrong CBD Recovery Cream Review- Finally Pain Free?

  1. Amazing article, not easy to come across an article that goes in depth about what they want to talk about.

    I am going to give this product a try and hopefully it will work as good as you say it would.

  2. Interesting article, I haven’t considered Herbstrong before but your reviews give a compelling reason to look into it. Great article, thanks!

  3. Awesome post! I’ve known CBD for a while now, but never knew they made a cream out of it!

    That’s impressive, and to think it significantly reduced your pain is pretty cool 🙂 Maybe one day I might find myself looking into it haha
    I’ll probably recommend it at least…

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