Herbstrong CBD Oil Review- Does It Work?


So I’ve gotten a lot of question lately regarding my favorite CBD brands and which ones I recommend for CBD oils, creams and others such as the CBD infused BCAA’s that I’ve mentioned before.

I thought it was finally time to write a review for one of my favorite CBD brands so today I will be reviewing Herbstrongs Extra Strong Full Spectrum Recovery Drops!


Bought From- Herbstrong.com

Price- $64.99

Total Amount- 1000 mg

Dosage- Approx. 4 mg of CBD per drop

Rate- 8/10

Besides the 1000 mg bottle, they also offer a 3000 mg and a 5000 mg bottle!

Also, I know pictures show a clear, black and green bottle, as of now though the 1000 mg bottle comes in green and is the same exact formula!

Why Herbstrong?

To start off, let’s first look into who Herbstrong really are. Herbstrong is a newer CBD company that was really brought to light early last year. They target athletes and if you check out their Instagram (@Herbstrong) you’ll notice it right away. Obviously this doesn’t mean if you aren’t an athlete you can’t use it (I’ll explain why later on in this review) but in all fairness, it’s great marketing on their end since CBD is great with helping post workout inflammation!

I’ve tried a lot of CBD and if there’s one thing that’s pretty common with most of them it’s that their expensive. The reason I’m reviewing Herbstrong today and not another company is because Herbstrong is by far one of the most competitive companies when it comes to their price to quality ratio.

Herbstrongs 1000 mg CBD oil is at $65 which is one of the lowest prices you can find for any CBD company (which they have promos to make it cheaper) and the quality of their CBD oil is amazing! I could’ve chosen a super expensive company for my first review, which don’t get me wrong would be more than amazing quality as well, but like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, not everyone always has a ton of money to spend on things like CBD.

One thing I did notice is that Herbstrong lacks third-party lab reports which is always a concern. Personally after using many CBD oils you can tell bad, impure oils with quality ones. Although I do believe there oil is high quality, I would love to see reports!

Herbstrong CBD Oil- Shippingherbstrong-cbd

I wanted to add this section here before I get into the CBD oils effectiveness because Herbstrong has some of the fastest shipping I’ve found compared to other companies.

Their shipping was only a few dollars and I received my CBD oil 4 days later (was really 3 days I just ordered on a late Tuesday night and received it Friday).

I don’t know about you guys but whether we’re talking CBD oil or another product, quick delivery is in my opinion always worth mentioning!

I would like to also note how much pride they have put into their packaging!

Herbstrong CBD Oil- Effectiveness

As I stated before, Herbstrong seems to try to market their CBD product line towards athletes, which is great! But what about anyone who isn’t an “athlete” or someone looking to use the CBD for it’s other benefits?

I’m a bodybuilder so using CBD to help with post workout recovery has helped me in more ways than even I thought would. It helps my joints, reduces inflammation, speeds up recovery time and herbstrong-cbd-oil-reviewalso seems to have over time help improved my focus in the gym.

Truth be told though, about 80% of the time I use CBD oil to help me sleep and help with slight knee pain, not for workout recovery! With this being said, some days I’ll take 4 drops in the morning and mix it with my coffee, and then I’ll take 4 drops right before bed to help me sleep.

Lately though I’ve found myself instead of taking 4 drops in the morning and 4 at night, I’ll just take 8 drops about 10-15 minutes before I go to bed and that has been working really good for me.

In terms of effectiveness for sleep, Herbstrongs CBD oil has been some of the best I’ve used for helping me get an amazing nights sleep. No tossing, no turning, no waking up in the middle of the night and no waking up feeling groggy like you might encounter taking something like melatonin!

My knee pain is also suppressed almost to the point where some days I don’t even notice it.

Not to mention stress and anxiety levels are suppressed as well! It helped me to focus more and in situations that might bring on stress it helped me to stop, look at the big picture and realize that there is an easier solution than times when I hadn’t been taking CBD!

Herbstrong CBD Oil- Taste

I’ve noticed many CBD companies lately coming out with “flavored” CBD oil which, for me, I don’t like. In my opinion it adds a sort of synthetic factor to it that I personally don’t prefer.

Herbstrong doesn’t use any artificial flavorings in their CBD oil which I love. It’s a natural taste but not over whelming at all and goes down very smooth.

I appreciate Herbstrong for making the decision to not add any artificial flavoring!

Final Thoughtsherbstrong-cbd-recovery-drops

Even though Herbstrong is marketed towards the fitness community, I believe that anyone suffering from joint pain, pain from any inflammation, or anyone looking to drastically improve sleep or workout recovery creams will find Herbstrongs CBD oil very beneficial!

Your health is your wealth, so always invest in YOU! CBD is an amazing investment, one that can provide you so many benefits, and an investment that I’ve never heard anyone regret!

Herbstrong Pros

  • Fast shipping
  • Utilizes full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Works fast and provides noticeable benefits
  • Amazing value for money

Herbstrong Cons

  • Lack of third-party lab reports
  • Lack information about the company on website

Click Here To Try Herbstrong CBD oil And Invest In YOU Today!

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I hope you guys enjoyed my Herbstrong CBD Oil Review and if you have any questions or concerns feel more than happy to shoot me an email or leave a comment! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Herbstrong CBD Oil Review- Does It Work?

  1. Absolutely! Your health IS your wealth! Love that! I’ve been using cbd oil for a while and gaining many benefits from it.. It’s a shame the medical community can’t pick up their pace and realize the true scientific studies and knowledge of what cbd has to offer! There is a reason God gave us nature!

  2. Love your article! CBD can be used to help people in many ways! Its cool that you use it for inflammation help and can use this product to help with pain after workouts. Keep it up! Good work!

  3. Good article. Honestly haven’t thought much about using CBD but definitely something I need to look more into now after reading the article.

    Thanks for the information.

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