Hemp Oil VS Hemp CBD Oil- The Secret You Should Know!

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The debate between hemp oil vs hemp CBD oil has been going on ever since the farm bill was passed and hemp was made legal on a federal level. In other words hemp is now legal in all 50 states!

Although as amazing as this was, it has now led to in my opinion huge deception among the CBD community to those not educated! Hemp oil and hemp CBD oil are NOT the same thing, and anyone who tries to tell you different are either misinformed, or trying to sell you a lie!

Hopefully I can clear some air on the debate with this article so you know exactly what you’re buying!

What Is Hemp CBD Oil?

hemp-cbdAlthough I’ve gone over this quite a few times with other posts, I’m going to touch on it yet again for the sake of this post.

Hemp CBD is extracted from the nugs of the hemp plant usually through a process involving Co2 otherwise knows as a Co2 extraction. Then, the maker of the CBD oil decides whether they’re going to use hemp oil as the base oil or maybe a different oil such as MCT oil.

Although many CBD companies are opting to use MCT oil in their CBD oil products, various companies are instead using hemp oil as the base oil.

Hemp CBD oil includes a multiple array of benefits including helping to suppress stress and anxiety, suppress certain ailments and diseases, and even increase focus and improve mood!

In summary, hemp CBD oil basically means it contains CBD derived from the hemp plant, but doesn’t have to utilize hemp oil as it base oil.

What Is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is basically all it says that it is. Oil derived from the hemp plant (in the case of hemp, mainly the seeds), such as coconut oil is oil derived from a coconut.hemp-seeds

Here’s where you have to watch out with buying hemp CBD oil online. A lot of people will have hemp oil for sale but advertise it as if it is hemp CBD oil. Some companies can be very deceiving so you have to be careful.

Hemp oil does not contain any CBD in it and is normally derived from the seeds of the plant through cold pressing them.

If you are online and you see a product that only states hemp oil on its product label, chances are, it doesn’t contain any CBD. No matter how flashy their advertisements are stating it has all these different benefits.

Now, hemp oil does in fact have many benefits of its own. It won’t help relieve stress and anxiety like hemp CBD oil will unlike many brands would like to advertise as so. The benefits of hemp oil pertain more towards health benefits within the body since it is rich with vitamins and healthy fats.

Can I Buy Hemp CBD Oil off Amazon?

hemp-leafNow here’s where the debate of hemp oil vs hemp CBD oil gets people stumped.

Amazon is currently the #1 ranking online retailer and from what I’ve gathered, the general consensus is a lot of people think that you can get Hemp CBD oil on Amazon, although unfortunately as of now, you can’t.

Many brands on Amazon try to draw people in by flashy ads saying that their hemp oil “will help with stress and anxiety”, or “will help to calm you” but in reality, hemp oil doesn’t give you those effects, or very mild in the least.

You may ask, “how are these companies able to do this”? Well companies are able to get around putting such ads on Amazon because

1. Amazon can’t really dispute statements like “it will help calm you” much like an essential oil on Amazon may say “helps increase focus and energy.”.

2. The companies aren’t making any claims, only stating that it has the possibility to help or aid in certain instances.

This of course will still lead to deception since people who aren’t well educated on CBD products may mistake the hemp oil for hemp CBD oil, and companies know this.

As of now you (or at least as I’m typing this) you can’t buy any CBD oil off any large online retail site such as Amazon, EBay, etc.

Stuck In Time

I believe that these large online retailers won’t be carrying any CBD products anytime soon.hemp-oil-vs-hemp-cbd-oil

I’m not sure if it’s a liability or if they just don’t want to take the risk of a product potentially having more THC in it than the legal hemp amount (.3%). They do have their reasoning though.

For me, the sad thing is that most of these large online retailers still classify anything CBD more or less a banned substance, and the reason I know this is that companies such as Facebook and Google won’t run ads containing anything CBD for the same reason even though hemp CBD oil is now legal in all 50 states.

It seems that these companies are sort of “stuck in time” although sooner or later, they’ll have to catch up!

CBD, just like the marijuana industry is huge and only getting bigger, really the cannabis industry as a whole. It’s only a matter of time until these companies decide they want in on the revenue!

Do you want to see these large online retailers carry hemp CBD products? Let me know in the comments!

Also, if you have any questions, concerns or would just love to share your opinion on the topic, also let me know in the comments!


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