Hemp CBD VS Marijuana CBD- Which Is Better?

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On this blog, I talk a lot about CBD derived from hemp and not necessarily hemp CBD vs marijuana CBD for a couple of reasons.

1. It’s usually a little easier on peoples pockets

2. Hemp is legal in all 50 states- marijuana is not

I’d like to think that when I write a post, that it can help people in situations that aren’t able to purchase CBD derived from marijuana because it either isn’t legal or they don’t have a med card. It wasn’t actually until just last year that even hemp was legalized in all 50 states, but since it is, I know that people have easier access to it. This again just going back to the reason that I feel that it has the potential to help more people.

There are differences between the two, and one has been proven by science to be better than the other. I also want to clarify really quick what I mean by better, by this I simply mean for things such as chronic pain management, helping to suppress various diseases and ailments and so forth. I’m not necessarily talking about things such as mental clarity or relief with anxiety as both CBDs have their pros and cons for that end.

Today we will go over the differences between hemp CBD and marijuana CBD and which is better!

Hemp CBD VS Marijuana CBD- What Makes Them Different?

marijauna-cbdSo the biggest difference besides the physical aspect will of course be the fact that marijuana contains high (or higher) amounts of THC while Hemp contains 0.3% or less.

Although I’ve went over this before I’d like to touch on it again for the sake of fully understand the differences between the two CBDs.

Hemp and marijuana are not the same. Cannabis is a family of plants that contain two primary classifications, Indica and Sativa. Hemp is only part of the Sativa family and is only classified as hemp if it contains less than 0.3% of THC. Marijuana on the other hand can be part of either the Indica family or Sativa family.

So the plants themselves are different in the fact that hemp just has little to no THC. One big misconception is that the CBD from hemp is different from the CBD derived from marijuana and this couldn’t be far from the truth. CBD from both hemp and marijuana are the same.

So, next time someone tries to tell you otherwise, kindly educate them because its false information!

Hemp CBD VS Marijuana CBD- Effectiveness

hemp-vs-marijaunaNow for the moment of truth! For the longest time, it was a common thought that CBD isolate (pure CBD extract) was the best way to take CBD. Most people thought that CBD was better when taken alone.

Recent studies have shown though that CBD combined with THC may have stronger and longer lasting benefits than if you were to only take CBD alone.

Both CBD and THC have their own health benefits, so it really does make sense why they would work better together as they can sort of “amplify” each others benefits.

The main reason why a lot of people prefer hemp CBD over marijuana CBD is because of the fact that a lot of people just don’t like the “high” feeling you get that’s associates with THC.

In terms of benefits and how it preforms for your body, CBD derived from marijuana has hemp CBD beat. Marijuana CBD has been shown to be more effective in people with illnesses such as chronic pain, cancer, and multiple sclerosis.

Just make sure that you either have a med card or that marijuana is legal in your state. If not, hemp CBD is legal in all 50 states!

Pros and Cons

Although CBD paired with THC is better in terms of performance with helping to suppress certain ailments, it doesn’t mean it’s the best in all cases.

Remember, THC does have psychoactive properties, which is something not everyone enjoys. Those who suffer from an anxiety disorder may prefer hemp CBD over marijuana CBD simply hemp-cbd-vs-marijuana-cbdbecause one of THC’s cons is that it has the possibility to induce anxiety. Now, this doesn’t mean it will for everyone, but it is definitely something to take into consideration.

As far as the benefits for CBD itself, they will be the exact same whether in CBD derived from hemp or marijuana. How the CBD is extracted and the soil the plant is grown is makes a difference but that’s enough information for a different article!

The Winner Is…

Both CBD derivatives have their pros and cons but in terms of the benefits of CBD itself, both are just as amazing as the other one! Full spectrum hemp CBD does contain trace amounts of THC which does help to sort of amplify the benefits of CBD, it’s just that the higher percentage of THC is I guess “the bread and butter” when it comes to helping to suppress pains or illness.

However, if you have an illness or chronic pain such as cancer or back pain, I’d recommend you talk to your doctor about

1. Using CBD in general to make sure it won’t interfere with any medication

2. CBD derived from marijuana as CBD works better when combined with THC.

Now again, this doesn’t mean that hemp CBD won’t help to suppress pain, as it will by reducing inflammation, and will still help to reduce stress and anxiety. If you’re in search of a CBD and are unsure which to go with (assuming that marijuana is legal in your state) either one in all honesty would be a great option as long as it’s a high quality oil.

It’s also worth noting that the studies for the combination of CBD and THC are still fairly new, as of now although it does show benefit to have a combination of THC and CBD, it isn’t super significant.

If you have any questions on the difference or would just love to share your opinion on the topic, please feel more than happy to leave a comment! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Hemp CBD VS Marijuana CBD- Which Is Better?

  1. I always though that hemp and marijuana is the same thing. This article was so interesting and I’ve learn lots of new information such as hemp and marijuana are totally different plants and that hemp doesn’t give you high feeling. I didn’t knew that hemp is legal in all states as well. Thank you for sharing this information and keep up the great work!

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