Feeling Distracted? 5 Tips On How To Increase Focus!


In todays world, there are so many distractions and ways to lose focus! What about ways on how to increase focus though?

With the help of our smartphones, and the multiple apps we are able to have on them it can sometimes be hard to maintain focus. Especially when you have notifications going off from things such as Facebook, Instagram or twitter!

Stress and anxiety can also play a role in feeling distracted which is not good if you have a big task that you need to get accomplished!improve-focus-now

There are many ways though to help to increase focus, which is crucial for helping to get tasks done, improve work performance, achieve goals, learn new things, and much more.

This can sometimes be the difference between success or failure!

Like I stated before, there are many ways to help increase focus so here are some of the best tips and tricks you can utilize to start improving your focus now!

1. Put Some Music On!

Studies show that listening to music (classical music they say is best) while working on let’s say a big project, will not only help to promote creativity but also to help improve focus!

The way this works is when you listen to music it has the ability to raise dopamine levels or the “happy/ feel good hormone” and the result of raising this hormone can not only help with improving focus but may also help those with depression.

Like I said before any music may help improve focus but research shows classical music to be the best! Not only will it help you focus but it will help you feel better while listening to it as well!

2. Cup Of Coffee!

Despite my last post of sort of dogging on caffeine, you have to remember I said in excess amount or in other words too much caffeine. A little caffeine (around a cup to a cup and a half of coffee) may actually provide great benefits without some of the side effects caffeine has when taken in excess!how-to-increase-focus

Low energy and feeling sort of “lethargic” can really decrease your focus and cause you to get distracted more easily.

Studies show that drinking a cup of coffee (about 90 mg of caffeine) to start your day will not only increase your energy, but also help you to focus more on the task at hand. Caffeine can easily get into the brain and affects various kinds of neurons in a positive way. This also improves mental alertness!

If you don’t like coffee, try green tea! It has roughly the same amount of caffeine in it as coffee does (about 70 mg) and provides the same energy boost as well as helping to increase your focus!

Again, don’t drink too much caffeine or it could have reverse effects! A good serving amount is around 80 mg- 150 mg

3. Utilize CBD!

CBD is great for helping to improve focus!

The way that CBD is able to achieve this is by helping to reduce stress and anxiety, both of which can really cause you to become distracted.

In our day to day lives we all have many responsibilities and some which may cause us stress and or anxiety!

Utilizing CBD to help reduce both of these will help you to focus on the task at hand which will result in things getting done faster and with more precision!

4. Take Short Breaks

taking-a-breakLet’s say you have to write an essay for a work assignment and it’s roughly 2000 words. Even if you know that you’ll finish it on time and it may not cause you stress or anxiety, sitting and staring at a computer for hours straight can cause you to lose focus over time.

Studies show that people who took short breaks throughout a long duration assignment were not only able to focus more but also retain their ideas better. This is because sitting down and working on a big task for too long can really take a toll on your cognition causing mental fatigue.

Go for a walk, talk with a friend, read a break or maybe even take a short nap!

This may also help you to spot mistakes or problems a bit easier resulting in a higher quality outcome of whatever task was at hand!

5. Eliminate Distractions!

This one seems to be a more obvious one but also one that no one seems to do. In todays world, technology is huge! It has provided us so many benefits but can also many disadvantages such as eliminate-distractions-to-help-increase-focusthe many distractions it may cause.

Most of us are a part of at least one social media platform, platforms that love to send us notifications and keep us up to date with everything new.

Turning off your cellphone or at least turning off the notifications from these apps will help you to focus more as you won’t feel inclined to open up one of these apps every time you get a notification.

People can also be distractions. This can be a loved one, friends, family, etc. Try to find a quiet place such as a library or even just a quiet room in your house that you can go to where you won’t be bothered. This will help you to stay focused and stay on track with whatever you’re working on!

There You Go!

Staying focused at times can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be!

All five of the tips and tricks mentioned above are ones that I personally use almost every single day to get whatever work I need to get done, done.

There are many more ways but these are the five that I’ve found to be most effective! Whether it’s a school assignment, a work assignment, a personal project, etc., staying focused and on task is crucial so make sure to implement these so next time you have a project you need to get done, you destroy it!

I hope you guys enjoyed these five tips and tricks on how to increase focus! If you guys have any questions or would just love to share a tip you use to help you increase your focus feel more than happy to leave a comment! 🙂


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