CBD Oil For Pets- Is It Safe?


Many people have read about the wonderful benefits that CBD can provide you and I, but what about CBD oil for pets? Is it safe for pets to consume CBD oil? Does it have any side effects for pets?

Those are all great questions and today we will be going over the benefits of giving your pet CBD, and some reasons you may give your pet CBD!

Note* Even though CBD has been found safe for animal consumption (spoiler) you should still talk with your pets vet before giving them CBD!

Does Your Pet Get Anxiety?

Animals, much like their best friends, humans, can get minor or major anxiety. Animals that have anxiety are usually prescribed a medication through your vet that will calm them down.

Unfortunately, these medications can cause your pet to become quite lethargic and in a lot of cases your “once most playful pet” can become very sedentary from these anxiety medication. Don’t dog-with-anxietyget me wrong, these medications are great for helping your pet get over their anxiety for a short period while they’re out and about in public places, but what if there was another way? One that could also provide many other benefits for your pet?

Coming from personal experience, CBD works great for helping pets with anxiety. The best part that I noticed with giving my dog CBD oil was that not only was he able to remain calm in public places without getting an anxiety attack around a group of people, but he also still stayed playful (not hyper) for the rest of the day and didn’t seem to get lethargic in the least.

Fortunately, while at home my dog is very calm, so before me or my girlfriend take him out to a public area, say walking him downtown, we can directly administer the CBD under his tongue with no hassle, that way once we’re out and about he’s good to go! If your pet is a little more jittery or jumpy to begin with you can easily mix the CBD in with your pets food, or even let the CBD soak into a treat! This way there is no hassle and your pets anxiety will be suppressed!

Great For Bed Time!sleeping-cat

Bed time is another reason I personally give my pet CBD. Late at night, usually around midnight my dog will end up having to use the restroom and for whatever reason, he likes to think after he’s gone “potty” it’s time to play. At midnight. So giving him a small treat with CBD after his last potty time helps to get him in the habit of going to bed after it instead of thinking of it as play time.

It calms him down and relaxes him, we all go to bed and in the morning he’s ready to go outside and play again! I know some people who will use melatonin for their pet, which is alright for some people, personally my dog stays lethargic until late in the day if he gets any melatonin, meaning CBD is an amazing alternative!

This will also work for any pet besides a dog that has trouble staying hyper near bed time or maybe just gets random anxiety attacks! CBD will help calm them down and get them to bed with ease!

Overall Health

Just like CBD can promote overall health with humans, it can do the same with our wonderful pets. CBD can help to relieve inflammation your pet may have from a possible injury or even from a dog-playingsickness. CBD can not only help your pet heal from an injury just like you and I, but also help to get rid of their sickness faster by aiding their immune system. It can promote a healthy skin and coat in dogs, nausea, vomiting, and much more for pets other than dogs.

They do make specific CBD for animals but all in all, it’s the same thing you or I would take, so I wouldn’t worry about that too much. If you do give your pet CBD from high CBD cannabis instead of hemp, make sure the THC level is still very low as CBD can have a stronger effect on animals than on humans.

I personally prefer to give my animal hemp CBD as it helps to ensure I’m also giving my pet the lowest amount of THC possible.

Good Idea Or Not?

I think that giving your pet CBD is great, there are so many benefits CBD has to offer your pets and it’s not only if they have anxiety or trouble sleeping.

Giving your pet CBD promotes overall health and helps your pet to live their life to the fullest by reducing any pain, inflammation, or sicknesses they may have. Our pets are our best friends and I’m a firm believer they deserve the best, after all we are the ones that made the commitment to take care of them!

If you have any questions on giving your pet CBD, believe I missed anything in my post that you think should be in there, or would just love to share your experience giving your pet CBD let me know by leaving a comment! 🙂


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10 thoughts on “CBD Oil For Pets- Is It Safe?

  1. I tried giving my both my dog and my cat CBD oil for anxiety, the dog was fine and seems to be to the dosage I was able to give her. When I took her to the vet the last time she was as calm as could be with the bigger dogs around her (that’s where her anxiety comes in).
    That dang cat, on the other hand, threw up I tried twice giving it to her the recommended dosage she threw up and a week later half the dosage and threw up again. My vet recommended the chews now instead of the oil and that’s how I ended up researching this. You didn’t mention chews for cats do you have any suggestions? She a big cat also at 21lbs just to give you reference, and only 2-1/2 years old. Any suggestions.

    1. I’m happy CBD oil was able to benefit your dog! How did you initially start giving it to your cat? My suggestion would be to try a lower dosage than the recommended, even though she’s a larger cat she may still need to start off at a lower dose. With the chews you can always start by giving her a quarter or a half of one, you could also try just mixing it in with her food when it’s time to eat! I appreciate your comment Jason 🙂

  2. Awesome article, I got a lot out of this. Our dog gets overly anxious. I was definitely concerned that medication would make him go the other extreme. This sounds like a nice balanced remedy for him; not too hyper or sedated. Do you administer it right before you go out, or a little bit beforehand? I like that it helps inflammation too, as our dog suffers hip pain. I have some friends who’ll be interested in this too. Thanks for sharing, this was really helpful!

    1. I’ve found that with our dog he responds best when we give him the CBD around 5-10 minutes before we go out! My suggestion would be to try out a couple different times ranges with your dog (5 mins, 10 mins, right before you leave) and see which works best! CBD would definitely help out with your dogs hip pain! I appreciate you sharing this article and leaving a comment! 🙂

  3. I’ve long been interested in learning more on CBD oil and in doing so, have come to learn many of the positive effects the product has on people. As for animals, I always figured it could be a different game, but just like in people, however, provides an excellent remedy for those pets with anxiety, and sleep-related issues, among others. Not only will CBD also promote overall health, it’ll help with permanent overall health, something that’s likely to scare the big pharma industry.

    1. CBD is truly amazing and if CBD wasn’t such a touchy subject with the government I’d make an article on why it’s scaring big pharma, until then low radar 😀 I’m glad my article could provide you value Todd and I appreciate the comment! 🙂

  4. Awesome, just what I need and I’ve learn so much on this article. But, just wondering will it make my cat addicted and get high on the CBD oil?

    1. I’m glad I was able to provide value within my article! Your cat will not get high nor addicted to CBD oil, will only help calm him/her down and even suppress things like inflammation he/she may have 🙂

  5. My dog is a happy dog, he doesn’t have this problem, but some of my friend’s dog maybe have this problem, it looks very useful! I always like to see something can help a dog, I really love dogs, great article to show me CBD is a great thing! Thank you!

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