CBD For Athletes- The Ultimate Recovery Tool?


Most of us have been involved in some type of sport or physical activity whether it be on a team, in the gym, or on the field.

If you were like me, during sports to get through injuries (I wrestled throughout high school) you would take Tylenol or ibuprofen just to get through one more match, and repeat it for every other match. The problem with this is you only block the pain, the injury doesn’t go away and in the end, you’ll only make it worse. These pain relievers can also be dangerous, actually toxic to your body when you use them before a competition as it puts too much strain on your liver.

If you were also like most sport teams, for injury prevention you were in and out of the gym trying to get bigger, stronger, you did what you had to do to try to stay injury free all while trying to gain an advantage in size and strength. You may take protein, BCAA’s, or even creatine to help you recovery faster after a workout.

What if there was something else that could not only help speed up injury recovery but help prevent it as well by aiding speed recovery after a workout?

Workout Recovery

One of the best things CBD can be utilized for with athletes is helping them recover from workouts faster.intense-exercise

When you workout hard, your muscle tissue forms small tears that end up healing and when they recover, the fibers heal stronger than they were before, making your muscle stronger overall. Lactic acid is also created during muscle recovery which in the end must be removed from your system so your body can maintain proper Ph levels.

All of this creates a lot of stress on your body, and the broken tissue that needs to be repaired produces inflammation in the recovery period.

Inflammation is actually necessary for muscle recovery because it lets your body know what to heal and where, although too much inflammation is bad and puts a lot of strain on your body. Utilizing CBD for its anti-inflammatory properties will help you recovery from workouts faster by reducing inflammation and can also help with the pain from muscle soreness after intense exercise!

Improve Sleep

CBD is great for helping improve sleep quality and even just helping you to relax after a hard workout. While awake, your body has a million things to do to maintain equilibrium, and it knows that unfortunately muscle recovery is the last thing on that list, and does very minimally to help recover from workouts while you’re awake.

Sleep is where your body puts muscle recovery at the top of the to-do list, and if you’re not getting quality sleep, your muscles aren’t recovering at the pace they should be, meaning you won’t be ready for your next workout or practice. Sleep is one of the most important things when it comes to muscle recovery!

CBD helps to improve sleep by calming you down, relaxing your muscles and reducing inflammation. Taking CBD may not only improve sleep, but also improve your day while you’re awake.

Personally, after taking CBD to help me sleep better, I wake up the next day feeling fully rested and re energized, ready to take on the day and conquer my next workout!

Speed Up Healing Injuriesfootball-injury

One of things CBD is most known for is helping to speed up healing injuries. All of us naturally produce CBD within our bodies. So say for example you’re playing Football and have a head on hit with another player and this results in a broken collarbone (which can actually happen pretty often in Football).

Using a CBD cream on the area of the broken collarbone helps the CBD from the cream and the CBD your body produces to sort of correspond with each other and speed up the recovery of that injury, also reducing the inflammation in that area helps to speed up recovery from an injury as well.

Good For Athletes?

runningI think if you’re an athlete looking to increase recovery and improve yourself in your sport, CBD may just be a product for you to try! Being an athlete myself, utilizing CBD for athletes as a recovery tool was a game changer and in all honesty, you won’t really know the benefits of its use for recovery until you try it yourself.

I haven’t used CBD for broken bones yet although I do use it for workout recovery and have used it for a slight MCL tear which it did help tremendously.

Whether you’re looking to step up your recovery game, improve sleep or help heal an injury, I highly suggest trying CBD out!

If you have any questions, are an athlete who uses CBD yourself, or would just like to share your thoughts on this topic, feel more than happy to leave a comment! 🙂


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6 thoughts on “CBD For Athletes- The Ultimate Recovery Tool?

  1. I have not used CBD cream but I wish I’d known about it awhile back. I was getting strains at the gym. I ended up not working out and haven’t gotten back to the gym since. Thatnks for the info in your informative blog.

  2. This is a great article! Even though you geared it toward athletes, I can relate and have been using CBD for a number of years. This is a good alternative to using prescription and over the counter meds. I have never tried a CBD cream, do you find it effective yourself?

    1. This specific post was geared towards athletes but I believe anyone has the ability to reap the benefits of CBD! I personally use CBD cream myself and it has helped not only my gym recovery but also joint pain tremendously! I appreciate your comment Gwen! 🙂

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