CBD Edibles- The Next Big Thing?!


When marijuana started to become legal in certain states, I had become to agree that it will someday be one of the biggest industries around the globe. I still stand by that statement today!

Although, I do believe now that CBD derived from hemp is legal in all 50 states, CBD will also be one of the biggest industries!

With the new rise of CBD, you can get it any many forms such as oils, creams, sprays, and edibles!

I’ve known about CBD edibles for a little while, although never really thought anything of it as I assumed anyone educated on CBD knew about it. It seems I was wrong though! Apparently, not everyone know CBD edibles exist, and at that the benefits of eating CBD edibles over just taking the oil or using a cream.

So today I will be going over the perks of utilizing CBD edibles and why they might be better than it’s counterparts!

The Next Big Thing?cbd-chocolate

So besides being able to bake and cook with CBD with your own at-home recipes, there’s been a huge rise of CBD companies making prepackaged CBD edibles such as cookies, chocolate bars, gummy bears and much more!

After hemp became legal in late 2018, and many companies started to produce these CBD infused edibles, they were a hit! As of 2019, sales are looking to be bigger than ever as more people find interest in these CBD edibles. Also, as more and more people realize the amazing benefits CBD has to offer, it’s creating this sort of domino affect. From the many people who suffer from ailments to chronic pain, pain medication can seem to almost control your life. Some of CBD’s benefits include being able to help suppress certain ailments, chronic pain and help with stress and anxiety to name a few. People are attracted to CBD because it is an all natural, and unlike pain medication- addiction free analgesic alternative.

Why CBD Edibles?

CBD is amazing, but with all the various brands and different dosages, sometimes the dosing can become a little confusing.

cbd-gummy-bearsSome CBD oils have 1 full dropper as a dose and some CBD oils have 2 drops as a dose depending on just how potent the CBD oil is. CBD edibles have it stated right on the packaging and takes any confusion or guess work out of the equation.

Say you have a pack of CBD infused gummy bears, it’ll tell you right on the package that one gummy bear is 5mg of CBD, so if you were to want to take 15mg of CBD, you would eat 3 gummy bears. Pretty simple right?

Not only do CBD edibles make the dosing easier in my opinion, but they are also a lot more discreet. If you are out in public and you know you get anxious in public areas but might be out too long for you to take the CBD before you leave, CBD edibles may interest you more. CBD oil and vaping CBD can not only be mistaken for THC (which may or may not be legal in your state) but they’re also either more bulky to carry or very indiscreet.

CBD edibles on the other hand, can be very discreet! You can easily carry them in your pocket, in a purse, gym bag or desk drawer for work.

How To Pick The Right CBD Ediblessavory-cbd-food

Picking the right CBD edible for yourself doesn’t have to be hard! I am currently working on a couple different reviews for some CBD edibles I use personally but until then, just go with what you think you won’t get tired of, although even if you do get tired of let’s say CBD infused chocolate, you can always switch it up to CBD gummies.

Also, if you’re looking for a little longer relief from your CBD, since you ingest it in the form of an edible, the cannabinoids are metabolized in the liver before crossing the blood-brain barrier, it’s onset of benefits of a bit slower to act but longer lasting. How much you ate that day before you ate the CBD edibles can also affect how long the benefits of the CBD take to kick in.

You can also make your own CBD edibles! Savory or sweet, they’ll be packed with benefits!

The List Goes On

Since the legalization of hemp, companies have been coming out with new CBD infused products left and right, which I personally don’t mind!

I see it as a way to give everyone a chance to try CBD with something they love and see what works best for them. The benefits of CBD are endless, and I hope one day everyone can realize the true benefits of CBD!

If you have any questions or would just love to share your thoughts on the topic, please leave a comment below! 🙂


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