Can You Vape CBD Oil?- What You Need To Know


I’ve talked a lot about the various ways you can take CBD, creams, oil, but what about vaping, can you vape CBD oil? Today I’m going to go over one of the most widely used ways people take CBD- vaping.

Vaping was originally used to help people stop smoking cigarettes, they were called electronic cigarettes or e-cigs for short.vaping

Shortly, people started vaping for more recreational uses, making competitions on who could do the best tricks or blow the most smoke from these new modded devices. It wasn’t too long before someone discovered you could also use these devices to vape marijuana or hemp infused e-liquids.

So to answer the initial question- can you vape CBD oil? The answer is no, no you can’t. CBD oil was made to be used orally, as in under the tongue, or maybe even getting it mixed with your morning coffee, but not to smoke. You are, however, able to buy certain CBD infused e-liquids or vape juice that you can use for vaping that do provide all the amazing benefits of CBD!

Keep in mind I will be talking about e-liquid without nicotine today, only CBD.

What Is E-liquid?

E-liquid is primarily composed of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG).

Glycerin is a natural substance that can be processed from most kinds of fats. The fats that VG is processed from are vegetable oil, hence vegetable glycerin. One key point is VG is processed from oils but isn’t an oil itself. It’s actually an alcohol, this also makes it safe to inhale.

how-an-electronic-cigarette-worksPG is an alcohol much like VG, whatever isn’t VG in your liquid, is most likely PG. Some atomizers (the tank that holds the liquid in you vaping device) work better with a higher PG to VG ratio, although generally the VG will be higher than PG at around 80%. Both of these are essentially harmless to inhale!

How does the juice turn to vapor?

Basically you have an atomizer which holds the vape juice and connected to the part of the tank that holds the vape juice are wicks that act as a gateway to the coil, the coil heats up when you press a button, the juice heats up with the coil and turns to vapor. Another reason vape juice usually contains more VG to PG is VG has the ability to produce more vapor.

What Are The Side Effects?

Despite the minuscule side effects CBD may have (slight appetite change, drowsiness), I would say anything you smoke is going to have some kind of effect on your lungs. Unfortunately, no matter how much people want to back vaping up stating “it’s completely harmless”, or “it does nothing to your lungs”, it actually does.

That’s the reason I said that the VG and PG are “essentially” harmless, because although they are if ingested directly, smoking them into your lungs can still create a sort of “build up” and even vapingthough it may not be a huge concern, I believe it is still worth noting.

It is also worth noting vaping e-liquids has been shown to sometimes trigger an immune system response that can lead to inflammation in the lungs or throat.

What Are The Benefits?

There are no benefits to just vaping, but I guess that’s why this topic is on CBD infused vape juice! CBD as we know has a multitude of benefits it provides, and although vaping itself isn’t the best in terms of benefits, vaping CBD may just be one of the fastest ways to feel the effects and reap the benefits of CBD.

Vaping CBD helps it to enter the bloodstream much quicker, this means if you are having pain, inflammation, or headaches, CBD may be able to help suppress it faster than using CBD oil.

Vaping CBD will provide the same beautiful benefits CBD oil will, just another way to use it.

Where Can I Buy CBD Infused Vape Juice?

Even though hemp is now legal meaning so is CBD extracted from hemp, you still won’t find it in any large retailers. There are many reputable brands with CBD vape juices online that will carry it. Your local vape store may also carry it!

Soon here I will be writing reviews on some CBD products I use and the reputable brands that I get them from!

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Is Vaping CBD right for you?

All in all, I know many people who vape CBD e-liquid and in the past have done it myself. It does seem to help just like CBD oil would although it seems to have a stronger calming affect.

My best advice for anyone thinking about if it’s right for them or if it’ll help you more than CBD oil, just try it! (if you’re over 18 of course). CBD and the different ways you can take it effects everyone a little differently, one may think vaping CBD is way more beneficial that using a CBD oil and one may think the complete opposite!

My hope is I have provided value within this article to help you make the best decision for yourself on if vaping CBD may be right for you!

If you have any question or would just like to share your opinion on vaping CBD e-liquid please leave a comment! 🙂


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