Can CBD Oil Help With Sleep?


Sleep, as we all know, is very important. It’s where your body repairs itself after intense exercise, where your neurons make connections to help with memory and learning, and so much more!

Sleep is vital to have the ability to perform at peak performance each and every day yet so many people around the world neglect to get enough! It seems even when you do get enough, it isn’t quality sleep. Is it true CBD oil helps sleep and if so, how can CBD oil help with sleep?

If you’re tossing and turning at night, have a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep or maybe just wake up feeling lethargic and tired, keep on reading!

Today I’m going to go over sleep and how CBD can help you to finally obtain that full nights rest of deep sleep without tossing and turning or waking up in the middle of the night! Enjoy!

What Defines Quality Sleep?

sleepIt’s possible that you might get a full 8 hours of sleep, and maybe you don’t wake up during the night. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting quality sleep though!

There are 4 different cycles your body goes through while asleep, the two most important being deep sleep and REM sleep. You might have heard of these before but in case you haven’t, lets go over them and what makes them different.

REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is the 4th stage in the sleep cycle which is the last, and the deepest sleep stage, occurring around 90 minutes after you initially fall asleep. This is the sleep stage where your dreams take place and where you body is asleep, but your brain is awake. REM sleep should take place about 5 times during a normal sleep cycle the first time lasting about 10 minutes and the last lasting about an hour as it gets longer as the night goes on.

Deep sleep is the 3rd stage in the sleep cycle and occurs around 30-45 minutes after you initially fall asleep. Although it may not necessarily be the deepest sleep stage, is just as important as REM sleep! No dreams will take place during this sleep stage but this is when your body spends most of its time repairing itself, repairing wounds, builds muscle tissue and much more all while you’re asleep! Deep sleep lasts for around 1-2 hours at a time.

Being able to get adequate REM sleep and deep sleep is crucial to making sure you’re getting quality sleep!

How Can I Track My Sleep?

Using a sleep tracker such as the Withings Sleep Monitor (which can track a lot more than just your sleep cycles) is an amazing way to make sure you’re getting quality, uninterrupted sleep!

Or if you’re like me and like to make things a little more simple, the Fitbit Versa is able to check your sleep, all while sitting on your wrist! This is what I personally use to make sure my sleep quality is at it’s peak!

You can check out the Fitbit Versa by clicking here

How CBD Helps With Sleephemp-cbd-vs-marijuana-cbd

A huge controversy going around right now with CBD is that it will make you sleepy and tired as something like NyQuil would, which is completely untrue! Although you may feel a slight sleepiness effect from CBD, it doesn’t do it directly. CBD has the ability to help relieve stress and anxiety (two of the biggest reasons for poor sleep quality) and by helping to relieve these two things, you get this sort of calming effect that helps you to get a better nights rest.

Now, if you were to take CBD in the morning, you may feel like you get a slight boost of energy since you’re relieving stress and anxiety at the start of your day, helping you to focus on the tasks at hand for that day.

Vise versa for nighttime, since you’re relieving stress and anxiety before bed, you are helping to clear your mind and sort of calm the things that usually run through your head at night that keep you up!

My Experience With CBD And Sleep

Now it’s easy to tell you guys something you can read on any other CBD website or even just look up online, but what about a personal experience? I think that it’s important to not only tell you guys what science says for CBD, but also what I’ve experienced personally!

does-cbd-help-with-sleepI’ve always struggled with stress and anxiety and even just trouble falling asleep, which had led to extremely poor quality of sleep. Things would be running like a wild bull in my head at night that would either cause me to stay awake or when I did fall asleep, it was very light sleep that I would often wake up in the middle of night quite frequently from.

After I started to take CBD a couple years back, my sleep quality increased significantly. I was no longer waking up in the middle of the night and even stopped tossing and turning while asleep! I was finally able to get a full nights rest, and the next day not feel even the slightest grogginess. Now, I did have to play with the dose a little but I found about 25-30mg of CBD around 15 minutes before I went to bed worked the best.

I also noticed that not only did my sleep quality become amazing but it also sort of regulated my sleep cycles.

After around the week mark I started to notice that I would wake up at my normal time in the morning and not feel like I had to force myself out of bed, again no grogginess.

My Honest Opinion

The question, can CBD oil help with sleep, is a good one. I think that if you have trouble sleeping and you hit a dead end every time you try to find something to help you sleep, I highly herbstrong-cbd-oil-reviewrecommend trying out CBD oil!

CBD has helped my sleep more than even I thought it would and is the reason why I use it every night before I go to bed!

Herbstrongs CBD Oil is the CBD I’m currently using and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to improve their sleep quality. You can also check out my Herbstrong CBD oil review here.

I’ve tried melatonin, have used NyQuil, and various other sleeping aids but nothing has helped my sleep more than CBD has. Getting a full nights rest is amazing, sadly after a while of not getting it you get used to the poor sleep quality which can lead to things like depression and trouble with being able to focus. Like I always say, your health is your wealth so invest in your health today by utilizing CBD to improve your sleep quality!

If you have any questions or would just love to share your opinion on CBD and sleep please feel more than happy to leave a comment below!

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