Can CBD Help Chronic Pain?- What You Should Know!


If you’ve done your research already you’d know CBD has many benefits, but can CBD help chronic pain? CBD can d many things from helping nausea, headaches, muscle soreness. What about something a little more complex in terms of helping suppress it such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, or maybe even something such as multiple sclerosis?

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These can all be chronic pain that can diminish someones quality of life, which of course is something no one ever signs up for.

Today we will look at some of the ways CBD may be able to help chronic pain.

What Is Chronic Pain?

Before we dive into the different ways CBD may be able to help chronic pain, lets first go ahead and define what chronic pain actually is.

By definition, to put it shortly, chronic pain is any pain lasting more than 12 weeks. This is much different from acute pain which comes suddenly, this lets us know our body needs healing.

Chronic pain may arise from an injury, like a broken back or an ongoing cause such as an illness. It is also possible for chronic pain to arise after a major surgery.

Current Methods of Treatment

can-cbd-help-chronic-painMost chronic pain is treated with prescribed pain medication, which don’t get me wrong, is very useful in most cases and could be essential for you to take, pain can be a serious matter so I want to make sure that I make that clear. In some cases though, these medications may not even help as much as they need to for it to help someone.

For certain chronic pain some may even use medication such as muscle relaxers to ease tension in their muscles, loosen them up and in turn helps with their pain. This muscle tension can cause inflammation which may only add on to an already painful situation.

CBD has many benefits to the body when it comes to helping reduce inflammation, pain and suppressing many illnesses. Adding CBD into your daily life may help suppress the result of chronic pain.

CBD For Inflammation

For a lot of chronic pain, inflammation can be one of the biggest instigators for pain, sharp or dull. As we know CBD is amazing for reducing inflammation and may help any chronic illness that includes symptoms from inflammation.

lets take a look at osteoarthritis for a quick second. Osteoarthritis itself doesn’t have anything to do with inflammation. Actually osteoarthritis is degeneration of joint cartilage and the underlying bone. It is most common from middle age onward. It causes pain and stiffness, especially in the hip, knee, and thumb joints.

Although osteoarthritis itself doesn’t really have anything to do with inflammation, when cartilage starts to deteriorate, it can cause bones to rub against eachother and make them stiff and hard to move. All of this causes a lot of inflammation around that area which adds onto the pain you’re already experiencing. Taking CBD in this case may have the ability to significantly improve someones quality of life by being able to reduce inflammation.

This can hold true with any chronic pain including inflammation.

Since CBD also helps to reduce anxiety and stress, it can help to lower cortisol levels which also can create inflammation throughout the body. So even though the chronic pain itself may not be causing inflammation directly, CBD may still help.

CBD For Bone Health

As stated before, you chronic pain may arise from an injury or even a major surgery. What if this injury happens to be a shattered bone(s), let’s say an ankle? or maybe a more serious injury, say you were in a crash and shattered your wrist? (pretty severe, I know, but these are the cases that will cause chronic pain to arise).

It’s most likely that if you sustained injuries like those that not only will you be in pain from the injury itself, and inflammation but also from things like plates and screws that you’ll probably have.bone-health

Chronic pain from these injuries can be serious. It is known however, that the use of CBD can help fix broken bones. You see, your body already produces CBD of its own and is responsible for the rate at which new cells are created to replace dying ones. Basically, CBD stimulates collagen cross linking, which in turn leads to a faster adjustment between the damaged bone cells. Since there is more bone collagen present, it is simpler for the bone to repair itself.

CBD cream is a great option for those who wish to use CBD for its ability to help bones heal faster

CBD For Sleep

One of the greatest things CBD has to offer is its ability to not only help you sleep, but improve your sleep quality overall.

Those suffering from chronic pain may have difficult times falling asleep and staying asleep. Utilizing CBD to help calm you down, reduce pain and inflammation, and reduce stress and anxiety can help you get a better nights rest.

CBD itself doesn’t make you sleepy directly, it isn’t like melatonin or sleep medication. By helping with the above mentioned, CBD can help those suffering with chronic pain to get a better nights rest while also helping to suppress the pain.

can-cbd-help-with-chronic-painThe Wonders Of CBD

It amazes me how much CBD is able to help people, and its great to know that you can cross chronic pain off as one of the things it can truly help!

Pain management is crucial for those living with chronic pain as to help them improve quality of life while living with their chronic pain. CBD has the potential to help people suppress their pain and in return live a happier, fuller life!

I understand that there are a few points I didn’t touch on such as depression or mood levels, if you’d like me to touch on them please let me know in the comments!

If your have any questions regarding CBD helping with chronic pain or would love to share your though, please feel more than happy to leave a comment! 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Can CBD Help Chronic Pain?- What You Should Know!

  1. This is a great post, Keenan! Chronic pain affects so many people these days and CBD is an effective, natural alternative to prescription pain meds. I think you highlight well the various uses of CBD. I read once about how CBD can be used not only for relaxing and sleep, but also for a little boost of energy. Do you know anything more about that other use?

    1. I agree Sienna! CBD has so many various uses and is an amazing alternative to pain meds 🙂 CBD is great for helping clear stress and anxiety so the calming effect may provide a little boost of energy! I appreciate your comment! 🙂

  2. Keenan,
    I have a severe injury to my heel, I fell from a ladder and shattered it. I do have chronic pain from this injury from more than a year ago from nerve damage done during the surgery to implant a plate and 13 screws. Taking a does of CBD oil twice a day helps me walk longer without pain and gives me some relief at night when I try to sleep.
    I do think it helps with the chronic pain if taken daily, I have not tried the cream on the skin, only the oil with water.
    Do you think I would get further relief with the cream applied directly to my heel area where the nerve damage is.

    1. I’m so happy to hear that CBD helps to bring you relief from your injury John! I believe that using the cream and applying it to your heal will most definitely bring further relief! CBD cream is amazing for bringing relief to both past or current injuries! I appreciate your comment! 🙂

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